Novi Sad



EASY & SMOOTH and simple. These are the words that best express the city. People will make you enjoy their easy going lifestyle and will encourage you to relax after a working day at the sessions.

Novi Sad is AGILE & CAPABLE. Line up of new hotels complete the capacities of novel congress center. Adding SOPHISTICATED LIFESTYLE as a ingredient of running an event is guarantees of aim accomplishment.

Traditionally tolerant and hospitable, the PEOPLE of Novi Sad adore to entertain and to MEET new people. Being a pedestrian friendly it will be easy to find your way around.

City has always been a place where various cultures and people from different nations meet, creating the unique blend of traditions, customs and lifestyles. Being MULTICULTURAL Novi Sad is opened to CREATIVE SOLUTIONS. In the city of Novi Sad in official use, in addition to Serbian language are Hungarian and Slovak.

The cosmopolitan city tells the story to loosen up after the conference. THE DANUBE RIVER keeps secret about the Fortress that guards it for centuries. The FUSION of CONTEPORARY AND ETHNO cuisine will surprise you.

Being an educational and knowledgeable hub for decades, to CHOOSE Novi Sad will be WISE & SMART. Beside having one of the largest universities, city is a leader in the fields of agriculture and medicine.

Time until Sunday
September 6, 2015
CET 17.00, Novi Sad



Institute for Multidisciplinary Research University of Belgrade



Institute of Physics








Abstract Submission
June 20, 2015


Early Registration
April 25, 2015


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