IPPA Prize


We are glad to announce the names and citations of the 2015 IPPA Prize winners which will receive their Prizes in Novi Sad:


1. Alexander Oraevsky, Robert Kruger and A. Karabutov (James Smith Prize)

For pioneering contributions to the field of biomedical photoacoustic imaging including the development of the first imaging instruments, the mathematics underlying photoacoustic signal generation and image reconstruction and acquisition of the first photoacoustic images in tissue-like media and living human tissue.


2. Lihong Wang (Senior Prize)

For seminal technical contributions and visionary scientific leadership in the field of biomedical photoacoustic imaging. For the development of advanced mathematical methods for image reconstruction, experimental techniques for photoacoustic tomography and microscopy and pioneering studies in functional and molecular in vivo photoacoustic imaging. For demonstrating the broad application of photoacoustic imaging in biology and medicine and service to the field of photoacoustic science.


3. Nelson Astrath (Junior Prize)

For outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions to the development of different photothermal methods, the mode mismatched thermal mirror technique in particular, which has substantially enhanced material research in general, and the study of photochemical and photophysics processes in liquids in particular. For his contribution to the experimental demonstration and detailed theoretical interpretation of radiation forces in water by making use of a photomechanical mirror detection approach.

Time until Sunday
September 6, 2015
CET 17.00, Novi Sad



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Abstract Submission
June 20, 2015


Early Registration
April 25, 2015


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