01. Spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry and Photochemistry

02. Imaging, Tomography, Microscopy, Thermography and Depth Profiling

 03. Thermophysical Properties and Characterization of Materials

04. Electronic, Optical Materials, Semiconductors, Thin Films and Devices

05. Nanoscale Phenomena, Nanostructures, Graphene and Single-Layer Materials

06. Laser Ultrasonics

07. Ultrafast Phenomena

08. Non-Destructive Evaluation and Industrial ApplicationsĀ 

09. New Instrumentation, Measurement Methodologies and ApplicationsĀ 

10. Biological, Medical, Agriculture, Food and Biotechnology Applications

11. Biomedical Imaging with Particle Beam, Photons, Ultrasound and Heat

12. Environmental Sensors and Applications

Time until Sunday
September 6, 2015
CET 17.00, Novi Sad



Institute for Multidisciplinary Research University of Belgrade



Institute of Physics








Abstract Submission
June 20, 2015


Early Registration
April 25, 2015


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